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Scream by Sandra Eliswa

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Art by Tulika

A woman's voice can't

Be louder than the four walls - or so they say.

And so, we learned to scream

In alternative fashion:

We scream until the dough

Can't be folded anymore.

We scream the floors

Until they squeak.

We scream the laundry

So it smells of fabric conditioner

And sunshine.

We scream:

With our hands;

Our feet;

Our bodies.

And at night,

When we finally hit the bed

We drift off to sleep

To scream in our dreams.

Sandra is a a literature enthusiast who just completed her B.Ed. in English and is now home, in Kerala like the rest of the world. She writes every once in a while when stuff gets too much to hold in her brain. She runs a book review Instagram account - @bansheereads.


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