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Seascapes by Fidan Zaman

"I started the series of sea works five years ago during a walk by the beach. Each artist wants to express the beauty of the sea, and many of them do it perfectly. However, I want to express the feelings and emotions I have when I enjoy the sea view. I’m a self-taught artist and don’t know the secrets of art. I just have paint, eyes and feelings. The sea gives me only 5-10 minutes to draw it on paper, and then it changes. When I manage to get the color of the sea and sky, I feel happiness. But I also admire it when I’m late, and the colors are not the same anymore. Completely different seas and skies appear in front of me, and this is truly incredible!"

Fidan Zaman is a female artist from Azerbaijan, a beautiful country between Asia and Europe, with its rich and diverse history and culture from both regions. Coming from a completely different background, she had started her journey through arts in 2002. Fidan holds a Master Degree in Social Studies and is a self-taught artist. She has chosen Art to be a message to her audience and a unique tool that lets her share her soul with the whole world. “You can touch somebody’s soul only by opening your own one”, she says.

She uses art as an open dialogue with her spectator where she can express her feelings and thoughts, and the viewer can find their own meaning in each work. Her works have been inspired by day-to-day impressions from life, from love, feelings and imagination. Fidan’s works have been displayed at various galleries throughout the world, in places like Baku, Paris and New York, at shows such as Art Shopping in Paris, ArtExpo New York. Fidan is married and is a happy mother of two children.

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