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Seasickness or I am sick for wanting you by Shivani Kshirsagar

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Art by Charles Sarka

Despite the various ways of erasing a name, the body never forgets,

Like the ocean taking to bed, men and their stories,

Where neither skeletons remain, nor hulls,

All things reduced to salt, sand, and echoes

Trapped in shells


Listen closely

Do you hear them cry?

I wonder how drowning feels like

No, not in misery, or grief or loneliness

(Can one drown in happiness?)

But the cold hands of the ocean

Tugging at your clothes

Filling your lungs

With its icy tongue

An unquenchable lover

Wanting all of you, all of you,

Wearing you down

Wanting to wear you, as you are

Your skin pierced with its salt

All the blood in your flesh

Turned upside down

Emptied of heat, life, land

And spreading her legs

Even further

She spears you, eviscerates you, feasts on your life shunned husk

Now only depthless dark silence

Heavier than the grief left behind.

And yet,

Despite the various ways of erasing a name, the living never forget,

Like this body crumbling at the echoes of your flesh lingering in my skull.

Shivani Kshirsagar is an artist, who believes in the power of stories, Universe and YouTube recommendations (even though she has watched The Social Dilemma). In other news, she has a lovely newsletter called Dear Love (because at your best, you are love) brought to you by Tiny Letter ( Speaking of girlwiththemane, that's how she's known on Instagram and WordPress too.


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