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Silhouette by Tiyasha Chaudhury

Photograph by Ralph Gibson


Here is my body whose curves

I draw on with dust.

Sometimes I forget,

a piece of skin can be a marked territory.

I let him take a Photograph of me—

It was in film.

When things are captured in film,

They look like they are in mourning.

The body basking in the light.

Solids melting into particles.

A sly effort.

All photographers tend to play the game of show and hide.


About the poet:

Student of BA, English Hons., Tiyasha has surrounded herself with books. Selecting books and opening herself to World Literature, World Cinema, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Hip-hop consciously.

She is also a listed reviewer for various global publishing houses. Recently acquiring books from Stanford University, University of Queensland, Cornell, Yale, Columbia, and more in exchange for her reviews. Two of her reviews have been published in Kloud 9 Magazine, both on Poetry.

Giving preferences to Philosophical writings, Translated Literature, Poetry, Literary Fiction, Books on Art, Essays, Non-fiction, Drama, and Novellas, Tiyasha also writes poetry and reads every poem she sees around. A few of her favorite poets are Louise Glück, Richard Siken, Mary Oliver, Tishani Doshi, Kaveh Akbar, and more.

Follow her on Instagram @tiyashareads


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