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Sketchbook Saturday: Katherine Akmulun

Today, we're devouring these pages from Katherine Akmulun's sketchbook.

"I draw my illustrations in the smallest sketchbook format with ballpoint pens and pencils. For me, a sketchbook is not just a book for quick sketches and training, but a way to experiment. I use a variety of materials and drawing techniques to get the effect I want, including duct tape and plastic sheets.

In my work, I raise various issues and try to tell a long and interesting story using just one spread.

We often forget that it's not only us considering and evaluating the story told by the author; the story too looks back at us. The characters in this story are watching us intently from the pages of the book and only they can see our real face."

-Katherine Akmulun

Follow Katherine Akmulun's work on Instagram @akmuluntra


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