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Sketchbook Sunday: Shreya Parasrampuria

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I've been loving these gorgeous botanical watercolour paintings by Shreya Parasrampuria!

Shreya talks about her relationship with sketchbooks:

"I started drawing regularly since the beginning of the pandemic last year. It was a multi-intentional effort in the sense of first I really wanted to get back to the practice and improve on my drawing skills as it is an important tool for any designer but couldn’t make time for it earlier. Second my therapist had suggested it as a thought logging activity which I moulded to suit my convenience.

So as I went along with it, my sketchbook became my journal. I wrote my random thoughts, things I was reading that time and wanted to come back to, my to do lists and my sketches of course. I tried to reduce the pressure of making something great to only making something. That was really important for me because I tend to delay things for perfection. I could be vulnerable here and it helped me get through the anxious/ uncertain days or excited/hopeful days alike. Eventually, it almost became a person who knew my life for what it was. Honestly, I am sometimes scared when people flip through my sketchbook. I also finished that sketchbook recently and haven't been able to choose a new one so juggling between a few."


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