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Snow by Suchita Parikh-Mundul

Art by Winnie Chan


It is in Nainital or Mussoorie that

I first meet a patch of snow.

Crowds of us are herded

to makeshift kiosks where we rent

gloves and skull caps,

equipping ourselves for the

special event.

Thick magic has lain there for months,

sourced by enterprising guides –

a solitary white coat on a muddy hillside

that has been allowed to remain.

I venture to the slope,

touch the compact powder,

hold it in my gloved palms,

and marvel at the pain

that soaks through to my skin

almost immediately.

The white winter I’d heard of

takes on a different texture.

I watch the others pose for photographs,

laughing, chattering,

while the seconds continue to fuse

to my fingers, turning time

into an ice sculpture

in my hands.

I watch the white slope turn pale yellow.

I watch until it melts into a thin nothing.

I stand, waiting

to be herded back,

my frozen hands burdened

with the universe.

We leave the hillside,

having lost the better part of a day


but I hold time tightly in my fist

and imagine the beauty of

untouched snow.

About the poet:

Suchita Parikh-Mundul is a freelance writer, copy editor, and poet. She’s written for The Swaddle and Femina, among others. Her poetry has appeared in Sahitya Akademi’s Indian Literature, Visual Verse, Yugen Quest Review, Life and Legends, Plato’s Caves Online, and others, as well as some anthologies. She won the city-wide Poetry Tournament hosted by Dosti House and Rochelle Potkar’s Creative Collective in 2019, and was runner-up in eShe’s national Lockdown Poetry Contest in 2020.

About the artist:

Winnie Chan is a mixed media artist originally from Hong Kong and currently based in UK. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London with MA Fine Art in 2015. Chan’s works are her life experiences, introspection and her personal response to global issues. Exploration of her bicultural identity, emotional struggles and the interconnectedness between our consumption patterns and environment. You can find her work on Instagram @_chanwinnie and website.


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