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#Solitude by Seigar

This series explores and reinterprets the figure of the harlequin, a comic servant character from the Italian Commedia dell'arte, popular in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century.

Now the young man in disguised is a millennial and he is lonely, almost becoming a pierrot, another character from the same tradition.

His beauty, talent and success are diminished by the isolation of the artist.

We find him completely alone with the only company of his pompous reflection in the mirror the moments before going on stage. This is the sacrifice that this modern performer has to pay. He is doomed to live this solitude forever.

Idea, art direction and photography: Seigar @jseigar Model: Daniel Eleazar @eleazardani Make-up and hair artist: Alba Martín Pérez @__albamartin__ Make-up and hair artist assistant: Besay Moremi Montelongo Brito @besay_montelongo Wardrobe Designer: Diazar Atelier @diazar_atelier Accessories Designer: Julia Brito @juliabritotocadosycomplementos Brand: Isla Bonita Moda @islabonitamoda Location: El Sauzal Theatre @teatrosauzal


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