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Sounds from the Shahi Tomb by Shreya Sudesh

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

You're seeing the cusped arches,

the brilliant blue tiles on the dome,

you're walking through the narrow corridors and taking in the smells.

Heritage smells of yesterday's rain,

dried leaves and sleepy bats.

While you see the beauty of light

Entering from the perforated walls...

I listen, I listen to what each element says.

The doors complain of it's bolts

Rattling from the vibrations of the

Vehicles driving by, every day.

The chajjas are done with the pigeon beat and are ready to bribe the cleaners.

The stucco is employing kaala jaadu on desperate lovers' graphic declarations of love.

History in all it's layers is trying to

Adapt to our times, the modern, as

We call it... fussy as it may be,

it's also very proud and adamant.

And in this beauty, I revel.

I sit and I listen, I laugh with it.

It's like a romance that never dies.

All these things they've seen.

If only you're ready to close

Your searching eyes and listen...

Every place has a character defined by the sounds you hear in there.

Every chirp, every creak, the traffic outside,

The maulvi's prayer call, the faraway chanting...

The kids from nearby schools running

Into the streets.

Every place has a story to tell.

Eagerly awaiting ears that will

Stop and listen, join them for

An afternoon sulaimani and rusk.


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