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Surya Sharma's Digital Pietra Dura

"During my initial lockdown days, I was just lying around my sofa and reminiscing about the days I spent in Rajasthan with my family a few years ago. I was intrigued by the intricate artwork done on the walls of the gigantic monuments, whether it was delicate wall carvings or magnificent Pietra Duras (Parchin Kari). I remember the first sight of a lovely Pietra Dura in a palace in Jaipur; beautiful stones were gently carved into the white marble and smoothen out, it was fascinating to look at. I have always been inspired by Mughal and Persian artwork for how elegant and delicate they are, and felt like recreating them.

Since I've recently indulged myself in the realm of digital art, I thought why not make something that is traditional as well as soothing to look at. I thought of those beautiful Pietra Duras and decided to give them a try. I made a few digital Pietra Dura, which were all appreciated by everyone in my family and friends, and thought of making more. To make them look delicate and to give them a Persian vibe, I used a natural pastel-colored palette and included floral elements to make them look more similar to that we see in Persian and Mughal architecture."

-Surya Sharma

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