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Thanksgiving by Nupur Parik-Pandey

Art by Gunangi Nayar


Sounds hang differently in the air

on winter days.

They travel through the corridors

of homes like a cloud of cozy decibels

bunched together under a big, warm


Even sunlight sits differently

in balconies and window sills which

feel hostile and uncomfortable in summer,

but suddenly, I find myself gravitating

towards them as the mornings get chilly;

the sweetest heat hides in

the golden rays that dance through them silently into my room.

Between this toasty feeling and

the pregnant stillness of lethargic

summer afternoons,

we still have a few months of

cheer, merriment, cakes and wine,

and if nothing else, at least that

is something to be grateful for.

About the poet:

Nupur is a poet, podcaster, dental surgeon and proud mum of a three year old boy and a five year old German Shepherd. She loves to eat, travel and read, not necessarily in this order. Straight From My Heart is a podcast featuring her original poetry along with conversations that aim to relax and calm you down, produced by Motormouth Podcasts. You can follow her on Instagram for more poetry and photos on @nupurparikpandey, and on Twitter @DrNupurParik.

About the artist:

Gunangi is a designer, an ambivert and a serial binge watcher. Based in New Delhi, her interest in design piqued at an early age. Exploring patterns and compositions around her brings her immense joy and satisfaction. In her personal time, she loves experimenting with shapes and colors as a reflection of her creativity. Find her on Instagram @gunangi.n


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