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The Bird of Stone by Amoolya Narayan

Art by Karishma Surendra

I asked for some time

some more time

and now I have all this time

and I have all these words

they’re flowing out

my fingertips pattering

all over the keyboard

like a familiar touch

a comforting sound

of work being done

of meaning made

and taken home

to be rendered

as comfort when

I bleed for it

on another day

when I have no time.

writing for resolution

is one of the oldest games

I play. It beats any other

manner of analysis of

myself and my actions

examined in bright

white clinical light

with the eyes of a distant

distanced observer

who partakes in none

of this self-flagellation

but hopes only to sit

a while with me

at teatime and allay

my very real fears

of today and time

and pain and people.

with all that said

let us now look

hard and clear

with our fists folded

our knees locked

our lips whispering

a prayer for what

ever it is our souls

will encounter

in the windy dusty

field of our being.

tomorrow, they say

the song will start

again and I…

I will be there if

my stomach permits

this assault on its pit

if my chest can heave

off the weight on it

(the bird of stone)

to listen to nod

to smile to reward

my past selves

for doing their bit

everything done

unto me upto now

cross-stitch patterns

in my comforting quilt.

Follow Amoolya's work on Instagram and YouTube. Karishma's work can be found on Instagram.


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