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The Couch by Mehak Goyal

Art by Aditi Balbir


comfortable chestnut coloured couch, 

A      three        seater, 

TV,   reading,   siesta, 

Threads askew from 

stitching our wounds, 

A wobbly leg supported 

by a cardboard cut-out, 

Cushions flattened by

the weight of our memories, 

Chafed skin reflected 

its devotion, 

Few scars hidden 

like pencils in the folds, 


It refused to crumble, 

Just like us. 

A Computer Science Engineer with a MiM from Imperial, Mehak ran a couple of profitable start-ups, before committing herself to becoming full-time writer, a year ago. Her poems have been published in The Woman Inc, The Madras courier, The woman who roar and Muse. She is working on her first poetry collection. Find her on Instagram @poetic_quill.


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