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The Dried Leaf Project by Damini Rathore

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

"While crossing the driveway at my home in Jaipur, I noticed a lot of dried leaves of various forms and out of those, the most exciting were the leaves that had fallen off the two Champa trees. The trees were planted some twenty years ago and since then have witnessed me, changing like the fallen leaves in every season through all these years.

I picked up a few of these leaves and one winter afternoon I decided to photograph these in the verandah of my home. It was a sudden burst of beautiful forms coming to life, once again. The leaves have served their purpose still had something more to give. And till this day that I have two of these dried leaves kept in a box as captured memories, one of an 8 years-old going to school in the morning, to an 18 years-old leaving home for the first time to a new city, and 20 years later now, going to work at a new place in her own hometown." -Damini Rathore

Follow Damini's art and photography experiments on Instagram, Behance or 500px.


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