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The Evolution of Thought While Being Quarantined by Sakeena Tayebji

"During this quarantine, I have stumbled upon how happy creating art on a daily basis can make me. I used to be always driven by a problem that needed solving but along the way I have learned that simply creating can help solve a lot for you as an individual. These narratives that I have composed seem to draw together many people because of how they can relate to it. This is a series of 3d type illustration as a self-exploration project of the thoughts I am experiencing while being quarantined. The intention is to visualize words in a manner that they express these thoughts that most of us are feeling during the COVID-19' lockdown. The 3d medium allows me to create space, add a new sense of tactility to words, and use colour to depict moods and thoughts.

-Sakeena Tayebji

Sakeena Tayebji is a Communication Designer from Mumbai. She is a graduate of Pearl Academy and is currently professing as a UI/UX designer at Accenture. Find her work on Instagram and Behance.


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