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The Logue by Smruthi Gargi Eswar

Smruthi Gargi Eswar on the inspiration for The Logue: "We break away into a million pieces. Pieces we don’t recognize. But other creatures do, and they take us in. And in them we start all over again

In our body is everything. Rivers, fire, distant places, forgotten people, storms, animals and things silently waiting for us to recognise. The drama of this landscape talks about the absent, the invisible and all things outside that reside in us.

I am looking at the body as a record of a life. In the way it documents the things we experience. As a constant evidence of our past. An internal history as a testimony to who we are, the choices we have made or what we hold secret. The Logue is a multimedia series that plays with this idea. It's an altered remembrance of an internalised history. And an homage to the natural world that will take us all in eventually.


We view the past with a sense of romance, and mystery that we deprive our own times. I am drawn to imagery that acts as a record of an age’s interior life, building a joint memory of the people of that time. A uniqueness that is tied up with the uniqueness of the time they represent. Using vintage anatomy, flora and fauna as the base, allows we that journey into the past.


To then dislodge this vision, and use as a lens to view ourselves, our time and our world, to build a personal memory, or to discuss lesser told mythologies, has become my way to address all things present and absent. A way to talk about the passing of time, its innate sense of multiplicity, that space between reason and romance and our need to re-wild in spirit and with nature."



Bat Head

Moving Finger


Shoulder Birds



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