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The Thief by Prachi

Artwork by Cyprien Eugène Boulet

On Monday, I found my neighbor's

shawl lying over my terrace floor,

dusted and torn on the edges,

I assume yesterday's storm as

the reason for this tragedy.

I wanted to return the shawl back

but I brought it with myself in my room,

maybe because I needed to feel

the warmth of someone's presence

or maybe smell a new scent.

I hid the shawl in my cupboard

with some other stolen things, one of

them is a dried leaf which I picked

up while walking by the streets of

Rohini on a gloomy Tuesday morning,

this leaf is as delicate as a lover's

throbbing heart and as dead as an

atheist's deceased faith in god.

On Wednesday, a stranger

sent me their Spotify playlist on

Instagram, it was titled as "Hope"

and now all of its songs are in my

playlist too. I stole hope from a stranger that day.

On Thursday, I completed reading

a book which was lying abandoned

on the dusty wooden table in my room, I stole some words from that book and wrote them in my last year's journal. The words are still stuck inside my head.

On Friday, I met a child beggar on my

way back to home, he was crying

rivers and so I stole his tears and

gave him my slippers to wear.

On reaching home I used the child's

tears to visit the deserted land of my memories and dug the soil deeper

and deeper but only to bury the

moisture in my eyes.

On Saturday evening, I found a

lost piece of my spirit in a cloud above

and stole all the grey shades from it

and hid them between the lines of

another piece of my half-written poetry.

Today is Sunday, and I completed

a year old draft because yesterday my

neighbor called me a "thief" and

snatched away her pashmina shawl

from my shoulders. Today, I stole the threads of my own misery and weaved them

together into a poetry so that others can steal something from me too.

About the poet:

I am a 19 year old female from Delhi, trying to make ends while holding on to the thread of hope, which is for me, the words. Currently, I am pursuing Political Science Honours from Delhi University. You can find her on Instagram @p.prachi__


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