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The Winter Mice by Jacqueline Williams

"The art set is a tribute to Beatrix Potter, the 20th century children's writer and illustrator, who is the creator of the famous fictional character Peter Rabbit. I make these winter mice in honour of her countless anthropomorphic animal stories which both delighted children as well as provided them with accurate animal anatomy and their habits. This type of facticity is often denied to children when it comes to whimsical talking animals but Potter always believed that it is important to retain the "spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense." Which is what I wish to convey through my art set of mice prepping for the winter. "

-Jacqueline Williams

About the artist:

Jacqueline Williams currently works as a Content Developer and loves to illustrate in her spare time. Her favourite things include dogs, books, balconies and perforated notebooks.

You can find her on Instagram @tickertapeparade_


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