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Time Capsule 2021: Gaurav Ogale

I thought I was a wild river, but I am a still country creek – Anika Pyle "For many years now, I haven’t known a world without whimsical visuals and sound. And most of the time, that’s emotionally exhausting. You realize that you stay quiet in a crowd because you have nothing to say, or someone tries to have a conversation with you but your mind is entangled in a world of your own, a world you are about to create. When your job is to create stories, you are consumed by it, for days, months and sometimes years - before you realize, it has engulfed you – a void which is very difficult to drift away from. A void that is very difficult for someone to resonate with. But what resonates with people are flashes, moments, silences and inhibitions that bring them closer to your world. This time capsule of 2021 is my ode to the people who made this year special for me – whether it was brands, publications, patrons, collaborators or co-creators; I am, because you are. Thank you." -Gaurav Ogale

Gaurav Ogale has been one of the most incredible artist I've followed this year, adding magic to everything in his signature video style. Thank you for all the beauty and inspiration, Gaurav. So much good work in this video all at once. :)


Time Capsule 2021 is a series where I invite artists, poets, photographers and people who have inspired me through the year to give our readers a glimpse of their year that was.


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