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Today is the Day to Grieve by Bhawna Jaimini

Artwork: The Milliners by Edgar Degas

Today is the day to grieve. 

Locked up in my room, with

My cat curled up against me

I make list of things to grieve

For. Forgive me if I leave something

I will remember to grieve for it

The next time this day comes. 

For all I know, this world needs

A lot more days dedicated to grief. 

Let’s start with the city bombed 

Thousands of miles away, where

A mother died while feeding 

Her infant daughter. I grieve

For the the funeral they are denied. 

A little closer, on the other side

Of the tracks, a man is whimpering

With hunger. There is nothing

To eat and the roof leaks. I grieve

For his empty stomach that my

Stocked kitchen can’t fill. 

They killed yet another forest

Without apology. The cleared

Land will be used to push 

The human race forward, they say. 

I grieve for their naive minds. 

The forest doesn’t need my grieving. 

A few hundred meters from my home

Someone is digging a grave 

For no-one in particular. I grieve

For anyone or anything that 

Might be buried there. Sometimes

Hope can die and need a grave too. 

Amidst all of this, I grieve for us

And our love that lies in a suspended

State of coma, between today and

Tomorrow, between here and there,

And between you and me. 

Forgive me, but I need to stop now. 

This grief is shamelessly enormous 

And makes me forget everything else

I still need to grieve for. I should

Have separated the personal from

Public but the child who died in 

The bombings resembles my 

Niece. There is no public or personal

When it comes to the ocean of grief.

There are no life jackets here. The only

Way to come out is to drown completely.

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