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Wailing Bones by Reya Raffi

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

1. [ “Be Happy with what you have”and other miseries I’ve heaved ]

To want more is not a sin

it is a voice from you

for you

which conveys

that you were made so full of dreams mankind couldn’t help

swallowing them

2. [ I will come home but Not Return ]

Do not worry


I will come home

I will

before the sun

calls out to leave

the skin of sky

before the hour

of preachers

I will come home

but I will not return —

I will shed my skin


and take in

my bones

which is to say

I’d unlock the door

and take in

what is veiled to you

for it is home

only when mystery

finds room

3. [ timid the anger towards tender hearts ]

How easy it is

for you to spit your anger

in rugged words

at people with shrinking hearts

/ for you to drown a

sinking ship

that is still battling

what comes difficult will be

the tragic engulf of both

silence and storm

from the endured

4. [ scrambled poetry left for the quiet stranger who met his eye with mine once , only once ; I feel it too , little boy ]

surreal how silence is a weapon that can both kill and honour you / swinging like a melody without a listener / whispering and residing in the coarse of midnight into a lover’s dream /

it bears so many meanings except empty / because it is always full and heavy /

sometimes most times I don’t want words that comfort me / I only want to share my quiet / my stillness /

grief has made home in me / but it is the silence that built it / it knows how to rest in my belly deranged and yet in control /

I always find a way to kiss it in my

unhinged moments — how I ignore when I cannot afford to be angry /

but how that can still not protect me /


Reya Raffi is a 16-year-old known for her poetry and art journaling. She found her key to the free world of literature and art through the lens of Instagram’s budding community of poets and artists ; of which she is now a part. For Reya, Art journaling came as a therapy before passion. She blends both her writings and collage art into her journals that she shares on her Instagram page @mumblesofart


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