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Weekly Edition #9

Art by Ben Bauchau

I was born a foreigner. I carried on from there to become a foreigner everywhere I went, even in the place planted with my relatives, six-foot tubers sprouting roots, their fingers and faces pushing up new shoots of maize and sugar cane.

All kinds of places and groups of people who have an admirable history would, almost certainly, distance themselves from me.

I don’t fit, like a clumsily translated poem;

like food cooked in milk of coconut where you expected ghee or cream, the unexpected aftertaste of cardamom or neem.

There’s always a point that where the language flips into an unfamiliar taste; where words tumble over a cunning tripwire on the tongue; were the frame slips, the reception of an image not quite tuned, ghost-outlined, that signals, in their midst, an alien.

And so I scratch, scratch through the night, at this growing scab on black and white. Everyone has the right to infiltrate a piece of paper. A page doesn’t fight back. And, who knows, these lines may scratch their way into your head – through all the chatter of community, family, clattering spoons, children being fed – immigrate into your bed, squat in your home, and in a corner, eat your bread,

until, one day, you meet the stranger sliding down your street, realise you know the face simplified to bone, look into its outcast eyes and recognise it as your own.


Other poems I enjoyed reading this week:

"Now I am quietly waiting for  the catastrophe of my personality  to seem beautiful again,  and interesting, and modern. 

The country is grey and  brown and white in trees,  snows and skies of laughter always diminishing, less funny  not just darker, not just grey. 

It may be the coldest day of  the year, what does he think of  that? I mean, what do I? And if I do,  perhaps I am myself again."

"For weeks the only lesson I’ve learned is that the leaves of the apple are finally turning. Everything has let go. There are days now that go by without a sound. I could be anyone. Once I was a person who loved you."

"I wander from room to room  like a man in a museum:  wife, children, books, flowers,  melon. Such still air. Soon  the mid-morning breeze will float in  like tepid water, then hot.  How do I start this day,  I who am unsure  of how my life has happened  or how to proceed  amid this warm and steady sweetness?"

"and I am waiting for the green mornings to come again   youth’s dumb green fields come back again and I am waiting for some strains of unpremeditated art to shake my typewriter and I am waiting to write the great indelible poem and I am waiting for the last long careless rapture and I am perpetually waiting for the fleeing lovers on the Grecian Urn   to catch each other up at last and embrace and I am awaiting   perpetually and forever a renaissance of wonder"

Recommended Listening: Temptation - New Order

Podcast: This is Love (Send me your stories, I'd love to do this in some way)

Audm (long-form journalism, read aloud)

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