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What a Poet Can Learn from a Potter by Rajashree Gandhi

Updated: May 17, 2019

Art by Anima

it’s all about the holding

is what a poet can learn

from a potter. that’s how

earth unfolds into bowls wood into paper dung into

fuel, a you-and-me into an us

its about holding a void

as wide as the behinds

of our fierce foremothers

so that someday, someone uses it to hold some sugar-some

sizzle, to feel a little less alone

it’s about holding trust

in the wheel of the solar system,

in the kiln of our innermost flicker.

Hence, a mug can teach a poem - how to allow four fingers to slide

into its half-heart handle

it’s about holding back

the need to be an owner

letting our babies break

or be under/mis/over used, as once our hands are off

our eyes must let go too

we’ve shaped with our bare hands

the space for a pond

now let them dip, let them stir

Read Rajashree's work here. Art by Anima.


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