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Why I can’t write anymore by Subhalakshmi Roy

Art by Childe Hassam

Words trouble me, nowadays.

They want to tumble out, in fits and bursts

A babbling brook - I cannot tame them.

Bind them in rigid structures of form & grammar,

How can I? When they submerge me in waves?

It starts at the very beginning - with a blank page.

"What do I write about" - I start to wonder.

And hell breaks loose - there is so much to talk about!

COVID19 Isolation

Environmental Degradation

Communities Dehumanisation

Oh crap! Our Economy's in Recession

Doctors' dying, no one cares

Mass migration, government unawares

Job's lost, Farmer's Bill

Fuck it all here comes IPL

Life is cheap if your caste is low

Let our hate for Muslims grow

Destroy evidence! Plant some beef!

Hell, we will not even let them grieve.

While journalists shout themselves rabid

No one demolished Babri Masjid.

Activists causing a fuss?

Use UAPA, no need to discuss.

Twitter storms - a troll's dominion

Bots shaping public opinion

Of course, status quo is still in effect.

Women still don't get respect.

Exhausting? It is plenty

But this is only since April 2020.

Kashmir, CAA-NRC - forgot?

Ancient histories, the whole lot.

Triggering myself, I close my screen

Furiously looking for something to clean

I wonder if I can mail Raisina Hill

Saying you messed my mental health, here is the bill.

Subhalakshmi is a writer, occasional actor, pet mom, and an accidental marketer. You can find her on Instagram here. She writes very very sporadically here, and is hoping to fill this space up soon.  


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