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Winter by Parul Vaidya

Art by Nayana Gupta


A winter wind blows across the feelings,

It’s harsh, the cold stone of time is rolling The memories, like frozen moss, Cover the underlying new grass It will take years for the grass and flowers to show The warm thoughts that lie deep inside But with each passing day, I promise, they shall grow Till then, the gone time shall they ride Time has moved on, Spring is here and a soft fragrance inhales the air The grass has grown and is moving with the breeze Waiting for the flowers to blossom under the shade of trees The caravan of nature is speeding past But neither a bud is seen nor a leaf The flower lost its roots to the merciless cold wind The grass is growing along, without a tear for the open wound

About the poet:

Dr Parul Vaidya is a doctor by profession. A poet, reader and history buff at heart. She knows places by feelings and people by vibes, and can be witty when in the right company. You can find her on Instagram @theamnesicdreams

About the artist:

Nayana currently resides in Kolkata. She is a designer, an illustrator and a writer. Her latest works reflect her love for eerie, other-worldly places. Follow her on Instagram @penscrib


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