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Winter by Sakshi Vishwakarma

Winters always reminds of the misty mornings on the ghats of benares, where cold wind gushes through you and makes you stand still for what seems like an eternity'. My inspiration to create this was simply the feeling or the experience and nostalgia of Benares. It reminded me of multiple feelings - warmth, comfort, sadness and brutality of overwhelming emotions. It's these fragments of experiences that one gets to witness only in the winters. It's these feelings, emotions and experiences that were packed in a red little envelope of words and photographs.


The line by Parvaaz:

Ab ki ye subah is kadar hui

Sham ki hame kuch khabar nahi

Shekh ka baya is kadar hasi

Inki jban beasar hui

The translation of it - (literal)

Now this morning has become like this we have no news of the evening Sheikh's fear laughed so much their words failed

But if you were to translate it in terms of its feeling - it means 'This morning has rose in such a way that we do not have a plan of the evening that dawns on us. Sheik's fear laughed so much, that words failed to convey it'. You can listen to the song here.

About the artist:

I am a visual enthusiast based out of Hyderabad. I like expressing my thoughts through illustrations, words or photographs. I am on a chase for seeking the little things in life. The moments where you find yourself absorbing the present so immensely. The moments such as feeling the morning sun on your cheek, the last walk home, the warmth when you hold some one's hand for the first time and many more. Find her work here.


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