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Winter in the Tropics by Trevor Pinto

Artwork: The Pink Cloud by Henri-Edmond Cross

Winter in the Tropics

As we hopscotch towards the final quarter of the year

everyone has got alert ears.

Not because of impending danger, but

the wait for the most anticipated season is over,

The Winter.

This season bonds even the strangers

like those of Game of Thrones characters.

Winter is coming, Winter is coming, Isn't it?

not feeling much, the previous year was freezing.

Snow season becoming the ice breaker

I am sure all will agree.

However, for some folks,

Winter, snow and all things associated

are much like folklore.

Without further ado, let me introduce our protagonist

to a mass drumroll.

A typical South Indian who loves his sambar,

Baila and kuttu paadu.

Smart enough to avert the winter small talk

with ambivalent nodding, occupied or rather

swayed away by the aroma of his filter Kapi.

He is excited for other reasons.

The parties to attend and the beach.

Attending kalyanams, kazzar and ooru jaatres

Meeting maamas and other relatives.

The food and the music Gods casting a spell

with the help of some spirits

loads of memories created.

Let us go to the beach is an emotion

Parents, friends, relatives stating the word

would create an instant reaction.

Certain things cannot be explained.

Crashing of the waves, the breeze(r)

can get one excited.

How does one explain perfect beach-going weather?

Oh Gosh!

One can’t stop humming

I've Just Seen A Face by The Beatles

Fallin', yes, I am fallin'

And she keeps callin'

Me back again.

Alright, I agree

seeing first snow would be overwhelming.

One may clap, sing, dance, shed tears of joy

That would be like a perfect winter.

Though I have not seen the snow

the idea of winter is sold like a mirage to a desert traveller

Okay fine.

That was too much to ponder.

So here goes my poem.

Winter in the tropics

Beach time it is.

I got to go.



Mass -Tamil slang for the best.

Maama - uncle, (person to meet or to avoid) depends on your relation

Baila - a mix of multiple songs in a traditional catholic wedding

Kuttu - It gets too hard to describe a beat, when it is all about the groove. Probably I would suggest you listen to Maari movie songs,

Kazaar - Mangalorean Catholic wedding, where Pork is the highlight.

Ooru jaatres - village festivals, temple festivals.

Vanakam - Hello, Hi, Welcome…


The best way to enjoy this piece would be listening to Urvasi By A.R Rahman

About the poet:

Trevor Pinto is a Mangalore born Bangalore based HR professional. In his spare time, he tires to figure out the accidental chords on his guitar. His secret stash of poems would be released once he successfully expresses the flavours of a Persimmon. His Instagram handle is @pinto.trevor


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