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Winter Perspective by Yamuna Matheswaran

Unlike the cosiness of autumn, winter makes me think of barren trees and grey, still days, but I also find it to be an invaluable time for reflection and creative growth. I spend much of the coldest months bundled up indoors, peering out of the window on occasion as I work, read, cook, or just relax. So for the photography section, I'm sharing a series called Winter Perspective, which depicts windows in different settings letting light into our intimate spaces or offering glimpses of other worlds.

Morning Light


Do Not Disturb

Winter Sun

Grandma's Kitchen

Writer's Block

Afternoon Stillness

Winter walk Passing by a shop window

Date Night


About the artist:

Yamuna Matheswaran is a writer and visual artist from India. Her work has been featured on Atlas Obscura, The Hindu, Fodor’s Travel, and elsewhere. You can view her portfolio on her website ( and find her on Instagram @eclectic_palette.


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