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Winter wanes by Divisha Chaudhry

Art by Elena Yushina

Winter wanes

Winter wanes and withers my hands

I carry a balm of coconut and collect

ice flakes from the lands

Flowers among the weeds this winter wallows,

hushing their harsh hues

and scourging their brightness to bellows

Stems gorge on the cold air,

and drink dews to breathe,

while their groves sprout out, forming floating lairs

Here resides the ruin that winter whines for,

yet the water resembles the crystals and wolves howl in joy

and the coldness that surrounds us, awakens our lives like those sung in folklores

Unless the frost freezes our bones,

and we run out of woods for the fireplace,

I can see myself dreaming beside the winter that wanes.

About the poet:

Divisha Chaudhry is an English (research) undergraduate at Shiv Nadar University, Noida. Her writings have been published by The Phosphene, The Blahcksheep, The Horizon Magazine, Sunday Mornings at the river, Sweetycat Press, among others. She is an advocate for Intersectional Environmentalism and a lover of animals. Find Divisha on Instagram under @hallowedoaths


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