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Winter x Sweater Weather

Art by Tanuka Ray

Winter Closet by Kruthika Jerome

My father always said,

Winters are liked by those

who own coats.

Why else is the grey


If not for the cosy corners

And gloves that keep you warm? But I never understood that,


this winter.

You took with you

Your coats, your mufflers

And the large overcoats that I loved. I decided, finally,

To give my own coat

To a man who sits outside on the street. I did that,

Not out of masochism,

But simply because

my coat does not keep me warm, Anymore.

How strange,

that what I chose for myself,

is no longer for me.


My body craves for,

the soft insides

that line your coat.

It remembers your warmth,

but shuns mine.

Maybe it is time,

To own my coat.

You may have left me

oh so terribly cold,

But winters, darling,

come around the year

And next time,

I plan to stay warm.

Sweater Weather by Shawn D'souza

About the poets and artists:

  • Shawn D’Souza is a textile designer who moonlights as a watercolor illustrator. He draws as a way of understanding his surroundings better. You can find him on Instagram @dsouza_ee

  • Tanuka Ray (she/they) is a non-binary neurodivergent human, a lover, an independent artist and psychotherapist. Moon child, forever chasing sunsets. They make art to share her inner journey with everyone. Follow them on Instagram @tanuka.draws


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