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Winters in Pune by Alka Rao

Art by Elena Yushina

Winters in Pune

a translucent misty gossamer

kisses you full on the lips

and recedes like a lover at dawn,

with a blue bird above packing autumn in its nest

singing of December rains

hopping over branches like a pregnant belly


a kettle of chai in a distant red bricked kitchen

whistle gurgling in its throat too shy to burst,

like the way you don't say a truth out loud

hoping it would stop being true,

travelling a hundred noses an hour

on a stove trembling with burnt yellow stains from last night's dal

but humble enough to survive another revolution

i am the eye of an icy tornado

winter breathing around me

over me

through me

as i braid the last breeze in my hair

before dusk sets on my balcony

About the poet:

Alka Rao (@kavyamudrak) works as a software engineer when she is not musing. She believes if she is able to impact even one person with her work, her life would have gotten a purpose. She has had her poems published previously in collaboration with other authors and feels every word expressed gives her soul a fresh breath.


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