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Woeful Winter by Snehal Amembal

Photo by Larry Sultan

Woeful Winter by Snehal Amembal

Winter wraps me in her frosty embrace

Her freezing fingers like icicles almost burning my skin

I stand there transfixed by her sheer power

A stark reminder of the cold descending upon my being

Oh how I long for the warmth of Summer’s sunshine

But it is not to be as she tightens her grip around me

Is this what it feels like to be a corpse in a morgue?

Dark thoughts swirl around my mind much like a snow storm, uncontrolled, difficult to settle

I try to think of new life and the regenerative power of Spring’s optimism

But she stares at me and laughs her cruel laugh

Is this what it feels like to be thrown into a never ending abyss?

Then slowly my mind begins to shed expectations from Winter

For it will only manifest in pain

And that’s when I think of letting go as the symbolic strength of Autumn’s wisdom dawns upon me

And gradually I learn how to survive Winter in all her frozen glory

About the poet:

Snehal is a blogger and poet based in London with her husband and two toddlers. Her writing primarily reflects her motherhood journey. She also reviews books authored by writers of South Asian heritage on her blog Desi Lekh. Snehal’s first book, Pause : A collection of poems inspired by the COVID 19 Pandemic has recently been published by Writersgram publications. Her work has also appeared in various prose and poetry anthologies. Snehal has an infectious laugh and a very loud mind. She believes that observation might just be her superpower. You can find her on Instagram: @momtherhustler


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