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World Within by Sakshi Jain

World Within is a visual interpretation by animator-designer Sakshi Jain trying a thread between introspective poems by three generations by the artist's late grandfather, father and herself. It talks about ignorance, storm and then leads to peace.

"The short was for my thesis last year. Looking back, I feel I can see it better what a roller coaster it was. I was thrilled to be visually exploring poems by my family but also worried about finishing it in time with a consistent quality of animations.

I was very curious what made all three of us write and how time has influenced it. The short features only one poem by one individual. But the selection went through a rigorous reading of a lot of poems, it was quite a unique experience. The animation went through 3-4 completely different directions and during the mid term reviews the project got a red flag. I settled as my sketchbook started flooding with drawings. A lot of drawings are still just in pages but few which made sense with the poems made it to the screen, animated in photoshop using a drawing tablet. It’s not ideal but I kept updating drawings in animation during production. It was almost like solving a puzzle, fitting the pieces in the right spots.

Compared to the past decades, we have become more paranoid as humans. Then we get to see this year, locked in our houses with an urge to do something. It seems like nothing is very certain or how we want it to be. I’m sharing it now as I feel it can be the time we really open our eyes inside and acknowledge how stronger and accepting we can be and see what we are capable of.

-Sakshi on the process and inspiration

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