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Despair by Nupur Parik

Art by Childe Hassam

In the midst of chaos,

I try to look at the red flowers

That grow unassumingly

In my unkempt backyard and wonder

If they know

How fucked the world is right now.

I wonder if the kingfisher

That my son and I often spot

From the nursery window

Gives a hoot about

Viruses, wars and religions.

I'm sure my dog is happier

Than he lets on.

He has better things to worry about

Than money or rations or broken backs;

For example-

"Is that the neighbour's cat I just smelled?"


"Should I be barking at that dalmatian?"

And the neighbour's cat is definitely

Better off.

There's always enough milk,

The sun is always shining,

And there are always enough rats

To get by on

Through these days,

Through this life.

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